A Little Yarn from the Kitty Cat Barn

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Barnsby the barn owl by Sonja van der Wijk.

Short Yarn Poems

Viewing as a guest user. What am I missing? Published in Son's Popkes. Sonja van der Wijk's Ravelry Store.

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Craft Crochet. Published October Yarn weight Aran 8 wpi? Hook size 3.

Step 2: Cut the Hangers

Crochet terminology US. Languages English. There are 2 methods to choose from to burp the kitten. After feeding, burping, stimulating and weighing the kitten s , check to see if the bedding in the nest box needs to be changed and that the temperature is correct. Then, put the kitten s back in the nest box so that they can sleep. A properly fed kitten will sleep through to the next feeding. Usually kittens will have a couple of stools per day which are firm, yellowish brown, with a jam-like consistency, if they are being fed properly.

Prior to and after each feeding you will need to gently massage and stimulate the anus and genital area with a clean cotton ball, kleenex, paper towel or soft cloth moistened with warm water. This will cause the kitten to urinate and have a bowel movement and it is very important that you continue to do this for the kitten until it is definitely using the litter box on its own, even though many kittens can control their own bowel movements at about ten days old.

Be very gentle when you do this as the skin in these areas is very delicate and may become raw or sore from your efforts. If this happens, apply a tiny dab of Preparation H ointment to the affected area after each stimulation. This should be fine as long as the kitten is growing, eating well, not showing any signs of distress and is still urinating. By the time the kitten is three weeks old it should be able to start using the litter box on its own. This may indicate a mild case of overfeeding. Because Pedialyte expires soon after it is opened, we suggest pouring it into ice cube trays, freezing it and using a cube or two as needed.

Cut the formula back with Pedialyte or bottled water, and check with us to see if you need to give some Bene Bac until the problem is cleared up. In this case, either the formula strength is too rich, there is severe overfeeding, or the kitten may have a bacterial infection. Check with us to see if the kitten needs to be seen by a Veterinarian.

Cat Adoptions Dallas TX Kittens Cats Need Homes Adoptable Listings

In this case, you would want to increase the strength of the formula, and feed slightly smaller amounts, but feed more frequently. Kittens even from the same litter can differ widely as to when they start accepting solid foods the weaning process. At about three and a half to four weeks old, most kittens have almost all of their kitten teeth in and will start to express some interest in solid foods. By five weeks of age the kitten has all their kitten teeth in and should be weaned off of the bottle. Be sure to treat this weaning time as a positive experience, so the kitten will not be frightened.

Start by offering some formula on your finger. If the kitten does not lick it off, then you should gently smear the formula on its mouth, being careful not to get the formula on its nose or restrict its breathing. The kitten will definitely clean itself, and get the formula that way. Taking it very slowly, continue to work on the kittens lapping skills, by using your finger, and encouraging the kitten to lap up formula from your finger. Never, ever use fish flavored canned food. Do not use human baby food, it is too low in calcium and vitamins. Continue working with the kitten four times a day and supplement with a bottle to be sure the kitten is getting adequate nutrition per day.

Be sure to keep dry Science Diet Kitten food constantly available, both moistened and dry. To moisten the dry food place 1 cup of dry in a container and add enough warm water to just cover the food. Set this aside to let the water be absorbed. This will also make a little gravy, flavored water. We love our kitties! We have a wonderful marmalade cat. We are currently down to one lunatic macaw, plus the wild critters in the garden. Eagerly awaiting the day my living situation allows dogs again.

We have only two cats now. Allergies force us to love the bunnies in the yard, the occasional owl or hawk, and our visiting fox. I think the bunnies count as we feed them in the winter. I guess this makes me a crazy cat lady…I have 7 cats!

Each Year We Rescue 500+ feral and abandoned cats.

They all happened by accident! They all help with my knitting projects and are the most efficient quilt inspectors! I love that you have seven cats. But come to think about it, that sounds fun, too! Happy to send pics! They are delightful companions, coming up with new ways to be naughty every day it seems. The Clumber Spaniels are white, so naturally, their favorite thing ever is…mud!

Extra incentive to keep project bags tucked away when not in use. I had to look up Clumber Spaniel, too. BIG spaniel — definitely send pics. And yes, project bags are a good thing when you have pets who love yarn…. We have one dog, a keeshond. Cass is fascinated by yarn and loves to sit in my lap whenever I attempt to knit, crochet, or hand sew something.

Myles is our black miniature Poodle. He is an only dog. Previous to him we had 2 Yorkshire Terriers and a standard poodle. We are totally dog people. I have 2 old cats; They are both huge pains in the behind, but I love them both. That said, when they are gone I will get an easy maintenance goldfish instead.

We are normally cat people. I usually change my mind pretty quickly after that. Hard to lose two in the same year. Her Royal Highness, Cinder, is the princess of the realm, better known as our house. She is a lovely gray Maine Coon Tabby mix. For you see only princesses are allowed in our kingdom. Polly is a rescue kitty.

Her mother was by killed a car before her eyes were even opened. My friend nursed Polly and her 2 siblings until old enough to be given away.

Need advice! My cats are shredding my beautiful Pottery Barn rug!

We had her DNA-tested and cracked up over all her breeds. She looks like a Golden Retriever with a very thick coat of fur and a Pit-sized head! Sheri, your Song of the Sea is breathtakingly gorgeous. The design is beautiful, the yarn choice perfect and the knitting is flawless. And the picot bindoff shawl leaves me speechless. So want to knit that! Thanks, Kathy. You totally should knit it.

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  4. It goes super fast. And it will be entertaining for your four kitties. We have two dogs right now, both rescues. A blue healer cross and a schnauzer mix. He was a little black schnauzer mix and was a rescue too.

    I have four cats — Smacky, Karma, Kit, and Bob who happens to be a girl — and between them have hair in white, tan, brown, black, and ginger, so nothing is safe. There is also always someone available to lay on my knitting or my pattern. But I love him anyway! Thanks for the link to Henry.

    He has a great smile! I love it.