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Steal Me Blind.

All Cried Out Extended Version. Love Resurrection.

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The Hits Album - 32 Original Hits. The Best Of Vol. Rock Dreams - 17 Classic Ballads.

The Best Of [25 Years Revisited]. Die Hit-Giganten - Herzschmerz Hits. So80s SoEighties 4. Bayern 1 - Lehmanns Beste. Now That's What I Call Ronny's Pop Show - Best Of! Het beste uit X Top 40 Alarmschijf. Radio 2 Knuffelrock KuschelRock - Best Of Vol.

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That Ole Devil Called Love. Guter Song. Mir gefallen halt ihre poppigeren Sachen deutlich besser, das hier ist mir genaugenommen etwas langweilig.

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Weitaus besser als das No-Angels-Cover. Ihr erster Hit in Deutschland und gleich Top Ten: 9 This is a requirement of our licensing agreement with music Gracenote. They say when the last year comes You can tell by the way it falls It's like seeing everything for the first time again It's not like the pain is gone Just hurts a little bit less You know you're going to cross that line Who knows what you're going to find It's only a matter of time in the end I'm all cried out Ready to run like a river But it's empty now And the only consolation is that I can lie here in this bed And put these memories to rest somehow 'Cause I'm all cried out I never knew I had the strength Till I finally hit the ground Now I have to make a choice to get up Or stay down For crying out loud I'm all cried out Ready to run like a river But it's empty now And the only consolation is that I can lie here in this bed Ad put these memories to rest somehow 'Cause I'm all cried out And the only consolation is that I can lie here in this bed Ad put these memories to rest somehow 'Cause I'm all cried out I'm all cried out.

Nominate as Song of the Day. Yet Moyet is making yet another comeback of sorts with the imminent release of Hometime, her first studio album in eight years. Her voice remains sonorous and decorative, evidently hers, while the choice of mostly self-written material aligns her current listening tastes more with Massive Attack than Motorhead. Why has she been silent for so long?

The usual tiresome record company problem is given as the main reason. Sony, she says, refused to release her or allow her to record.

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The trouble with a label as big as Sony is that, in terms of being an artist, they like you to remain a bestseller. They're not so open to change. The great thing about my new record label is that they signed me not because I'm a current name, but because they really love the new record.

Vicious Cuts - Summer 2016 (Mixed By Vandalism & Katie Valentine)

We're on the same side, then, and I'm not struggling to compromise with them all the time. Having spoken to more lawyers over the past years than record producers, it seems that Moyet, like so many others, had fallen into the trust trap: "You take people at their word, and when someone says this is the right thing for you to do, that it's good for you, and if they're smiling at you and telling you they love you, you trust them.

That happened a few times very early on in my career, which inevitably led to litigation. She returns to a pop music world radically changed from when she was last involved in it her last UK Top 20 hit was in with Whispering Your Name. Radio play is a body with rigor mortis set in, she believes. Record companies only know how to sell albums through singles, and in that market, people half her age dominate.

Philip George & Anton Powers - Alone No More (Official Music Video) HD

Her audience these days, she says, seems to be "quite crossover, from ages 20 to 50 and people on either end of that". While she was trying to extricate herself from her Sony contract, she had children to look after two, now aged 17 and 14, are from her first marriage; a third, aged six, is from her second. Despite being contractually bound, Moyet was lucky enough to have been able to live off her royalties during the litigation period. Not having an extravagant lifestyle or tastes, she claims, enabled her and her family to live fitfully and outside the glare of the paparazzi lens.

Several hit singles followed, but Moyet's reticence and lack of self-confidence instilled by teenage taunts about her weight sat heavily on her shoulders. When she should have, by rights, been cracking open the bottles of bubbly, she was actually cracking up.