Angels Flight - A Noir Short Story

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Blogger November 16, at PM. Blogger November 17, at AM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Ben stumbling his way home. Ben runs into his "Angel" Liz. Ben in the Gutter. Liz at third Street Tunnel. Angel's Flight Hill Street Terminal. Jake at the Angel's Flight Cafe. Innocent lady waiting for the bus. Dolly Rue McClanahan see's Ben enter the bar. Let that sink in.

Hollywood Drive. But anyone hoping to recreate the opening freeway number is invited to leave the city right now. Watch it on Amazon. But beneath the pristine sands of the Malibu beaches and the glinting lights of the Hollywood Hills, something terrible lurks. And though Altman adheres to a number of mystery story standards, this is less a straightforward whodunit than a sharp, sarcastic existential quest.

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Never before had the moral rot of Los Angeles and its many self-obsessed denizens been so potently satirized. How many aspiring starlets have come to the entertainment capital of the world, only to have their dreams smashed?

Desperate to keep his Plymouth from repossession, deadbeat screenwriter Joe Gillis William Holden takes shelter at fictitious Sunset Boulevard, a mansion-turned-mausoleum that contains the silent-screen star Norma Desmond Gloria Swanson. In this wonderfully seedy L. Our hero—the Mickey Spillane—created Mike Hammer Ralph Meeker —is close to a thug himself, leading with his fists and smugness. But the real reason this mighty noir charts so high on our list is clear in nearly every background, from the soon-to-be-razed tenements of Bunker Hill to the Hollywood Athletic Club and a bopping jazz bar on Figueroa.

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  • Buy it on Amazon. Robert Altman masterfully skewered the Angeleno psyche in many of his pictures, but those shrewd observational tools were especially incisive and damning in his L. Angelenos know a dark valentine when they see it. But when the revered director returned to make a definitive Hollywood satire, the town rose up to welcome him. But apart from backstabbing life on the lot, there are dynamic set pieces establishing a desperate city: A screenwriter is stalked and murdered at the legendary Rialto Theatre; the killer, a studio executive Tim Robbins , escapes to an exclusive spa in Desert Hot Springs; finally, his crime closing in on him, he succumbs to the Pasadena police, a world away from his sphere of entitlement.

    Fading screenwriter Dixon Steele Humphrey Bogart gets accused of strangling a checkroom girl and throwing her body into Benedict Canyon. His alibi? Directing one of the shadiest film noirs ever made, Billy Wilder bathes his femme fatale in pitch-black sunlight and bad intentions.

    Angels Flight: A Noir Short Story

    Terence Stamp plays a rugged Brit out of water, an ex-con come to L. The threat of illness is everywhere for this silver-spoon suburbanite who seems to be adversely reacting to everything from the omnipresent Los Angeles smog to her own banal lifestyle. But if you ever hear of a public screening, clear your schedule: The connections are humorous, with nods to everything from Female to Swordfish Truthfully, it takes place in Michael Mann country: a cool urban landscape of postmodern interiors bathed in gunmetal-blue twilight.

    Few filmmakers have staked out a terrain as stylishly.

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    A former child prodigy William H. Macy , a simpleminded cop John C. Reilly , a despondent trophy wife Julianne Moore and a misogynistic motivational speaker Tom Cruise are among the emotionally stunted. Its Los Angeles is a town where the automobile is king, but car repossessors rule.

    JAMES NAREMORE / An Aftertaste of Dread: Cornell Woolrich in Noir Fiction and Film

    More about atmosphere than plot and shot entirely on the Warner Bros. Hippie auteur Hal Ashby and scribe Robert Towne turned a jaundiced eye to the flameout of the sexual revolution. A Valley movie through and through though never by name , this Cameron Crowe—penned teen comedy gains as much of its authenticity from expert location work as it does from heartfelt coming-of-age performances.

    In addition to this ominous bachelor pad, the movie visits a surfeit of L. The subject of this crown jewel of Hollywood musicals is, unsurprisingly, Tinseltown itself.

    Los Angeles Movies: 57 Films that Best Capture L.A.

    Gene Kelly plays a silent-movie star making an uneasy transition to sound. Refn gets the situational details pitch-perfect, from the low-rent body shops and eateries of less-glamorous L. The satire cuts deep: From lowest-common-denominator studio moguls to cynically tough-talking gals to naively idealistic artistes, no California type is let off easy.

    Teen angst finds its charter mascot as James Dean pouts through a switchblade duel outside Griffith Observatory. Later, a tragic game of chicken at fictitious Millertown bluff shot near Palos Verdes puts him on the lam with crush Natalie Wood and troubled Sal Mineo. Only in L.