Better Golf for Women: Its your game; play it.

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Shorter shafts are due to the fact that in general women are shorter than men, and shorter shafts will better fit more women golfers.

Are There Differences in Men's and Women's Golf Clubs?

Shorter shafts also provide more control of the swing. More flexible golf shafts and more loft on the clubfaces are both things that help golfers with slower swing speeds get the ball up in the air and achieve a bit more distance. We've used the term "in general" several times, and we want to stress again that just because the design approaches mentioned above apply to many women golfers in general doesn't mean they'll help you. You might be tall.

Or have a fast or jerky swing so that a less flexible shaft is more appropriate. Or be a low-handicapper and not need the extra loft built into off-the-rack women's clubs. If you are a woman who is a beginner, or plays golf infrequently, or is a high-handicapper, the design approach of today's "ladies clubs" might very well benefit you.

Ladies Golf Tips: Golf Swing Faults & How To Correct Them

Just remember, like any other golfer you can go through a clubfitting that finds the best match of equipment to your swing. Of course they do, old habits die hard. Pinks and pastels are still common accent colors in women's golf clubs , and many women golfers prefer a little pink on the driver head or elsewhere in their golf bag.

But today, most clubs marketed to women come with options, and with much more than just the color pink to make them "women's clubs. Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism.

Key Takeaways Some golf manufacturers, in addition to their general golf club offerings, also make golf clubs specifically designed for women golfers. Such "ladies clubs" were once mostly just the companies' regular clubs but painted pink and given a shorter shaft. Today, companies that make clubs specifically for women golfers put far more effort into designing them to address the most common parts of the game in which women need help.

Four Reasons Why Women Are Better Golfers Than Men - Topgolf UK

But all golfers, men and women, should play the golf clubs that best fit them and their games. It is our belief that golf is a complex game, played by human beings, requiring a variety of shots, skills, and self-awareness. We also believe we are uniquely trained and qualified to teach the whole game to the whole person. A well planned golf outing can develop and improve relationships with current or potential clients and employees.

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Our corporate programs offer the ultimate combination of business and golf. Our experienced team coordinates with your corporate meeting planner s to ensure your golf event is a wonderfully memorable and educational experience for all who attend. Package valid May-September.

Package includes:. We conduct a thorough assessment of your fundamentals, technique and skill in all aspects of the game. We identify your strengths and pinpoint your weaknesses — key areas where you are losing strokes.

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To facilitate enhanced performance, we support you with focused coaching and training so that you can learn effectively; build skill and confidence that transfers in time onto the golf course. Learn more. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Skip to content. Adult clinics Gateway The Club at Gateway.

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