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Before you bring home any dog, do your homework on the cost and commitments associated with owning a pet. Always adopt animals from reputable sources, like respected animal shelters or breeders. Aussies are uncannily smart and independent, relying on their strong herding instincts.

Loyal and devoted to their owners, these dogs are wary of strangers. Good-natured and easygoing, a basset hound has a great sense of humor and a couch-potato sensibility. They're stubborn and not too intelligent, sometimes making them difficult to train.

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GSPs can run, run, run — and then run some more. But their high energy doesn't deter too many. High marks in smarts, companionship, and hunting ability make GSPs one of the most popular dogs in the country. Huskies are clever, happy, and responsive.

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They're friendly by nature but also very stubborn. This high-energy dog prefers to spend lots of time outdoors. Both Timmy and Lassie can attest to the devoted nature of Collies. These active yet affectionate herders can follow commands quickly and accurately, but be forewarned: They do tend to bark quite a bit. It's no wonder why Labradors remain the most popular breed in the U.

They're so eager to please that Labs quickly adapt to jobs as service, guide, and rescue dogs. While we often think of poodles for their pretty appearance, these pooches are more than meets the eye.


They're known for their superior intelligence, so start thinking up fun tricks to teach. Given their legendary loyalty, Airedale Terriers are extremely trustworthy with children. They're eager to please and quick learners, but they can struggle to get along with other dogs. Boxers are fun-loving canines that also make great watch dogs, protecting your home from strangers.

To keep up their playful nature, they need plenty of exercise each day. Also called Blue Heelers, Australian Cattle Dogs are tireless herders who need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. You'll be rewarded with an alert and curious companion. Surprisingly, "Eskies" don't have any ties to the Eskimos — they actually gained popularity in the U. As a family dog, Eskies are playful, perky, and smart — not to mention a cinch to teach.

Bearded Collies are boisterous and bouncy, with a more athletic build than similarly shaggy English Sheepdogs.

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They love the outdoors in any climate! Shelties are very playful and energetic dogs, even though they're considerably smaller than similar-looking coolies. As herders, these dogs can run quickly and gracefully, but you can still scoop one up for a cuddle at the end of the day. These sporting dogs are known to be very happy, smart, and gentle.

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While they are quite active, they behave well with other animals and kids. Border collies are incredibly smart and athletic workers — one even starred in the movie Babe — but they have a tendency to herd objects and people, including children. As field dogs, Brittanys have boundless energy and make for excellent running and hunting partners.

They're quick to learn and love a challenge, but can be somewhat reserved if not socialized. Golden Retrievers put their super smarts to good use as guide and service dogs, but underneath that trademark coat is a heart of gold as well.

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They're quick to please and fun-loving family members — making them routinely popular amongst pet owners. Beneath that frowning mug lies a heart of gold. They're loyal, steadfast, courageous, and determined. Bulldogs are also willing to please — once they figure out what it is that you want.

They snore up a storm and prefer milder climates. An Irish breed, these fuzzy terriers are known for their deep devotion and enthusiastic displays of affection. Owners have even nicknamed their loving welcome the "Wheaten greetin'. Smart and spirited, it's no wonder that Schnauzers are bred in three different sizes miniature, standard, and giant. The sturdy canines are naturally protective and intelligent.

Regal and aloof, this dog does not fawn or beg for attention. The Chinese Shar-Pei is devoted to its family, making it a great watchdog. They haven't earned the name "water dog" for nothing.

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PWDs have waterproof coats and webbed feet, originally bred for fishing. Today, the Obamas' two pets are the most famous examples of the breed. The family partially chose the "First Dogs" for their hypoallergenic fur. The Chow Chow's keen intelligence, independent spirit, and innate dignity make it an impressive breed. They tend to be reserved, even toward family, but are very loyal. This multi-talented breed has been a dog of war, a shepherd, a hunter, and a ratter.

They're loving, spirited, and quick learners. A natural watchdog, Dalmatians are reserved with strangers and don't like other dogs in their territory. Gentle, easy going, and very affectionate, this breed is a top choice for a child's pet. They're playful and love to engage in rough and tumble games.

Her latest book turned out to be a real dog. That was a dog of a movie. Verb He dogged her every move. Creditors dogged him until he finally paid his bills. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Two other inmates benefited from a program that trains and socializes dogs rescued from animal shelters, some of who are prepared to help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Does It Matter? Palm, orlandosentinel. Open," 6 Sep. These big names disagree," 3 Sep. We want dockless everything! First Known Use of dog Noun before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1a Adjective 14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1 Verb , in the meaning defined at sense 1a Adverb , in the meaning defined above.

Learn More about dog. Resources for dog Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster. Dictionary Entries near dog doffer do for a living dofunny dog dog's age dog's-bane dog's bent. Time Traveler for dog The first known use of dog was before the 12th century See more words from the same century.

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