How To Blow Her Mind In Bed

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Her no-nonsense attitude and friendly, approachable tone make Siski's writing extremely popular with readers. She lives in the UK. Siski Green's writing is clever, humorous and informative - I enjoy reading what she has to say as I'm certain her readership do. As Justin Timberlake brought the sexy back to music, she has brought it back to writing.

(PDF) Blow Her Mind - by Melinda Holmes | Adi Adi -

I've really enjoyed reading her sex writing in Men's Health. She consistently manages to find genuinely new approaches to sex - a topic on which it's difficult to say something original, yet she does so with wit and intelligence. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Sourcebooks Casablanca, Condition: New.

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In Stock. Seller Inventory Or, you can rub her anus for extra pleasure. Fingers are a great way to take some pressure from your mouth and give your tongue a break. Your goal is to make her orgasm, I know. So leave your ego at the door because you need to focus on making her feel good, not achieving your personal goals when giving cunnilingus. All women are different, so some like a side-to-side motion, while others prefer a up-and-down motion. You can try out other ways and get more creative.

But go by her reaction if you wanna get the best results. Many people neglect that beautiful little hole when performing cunnilingus. But not you! Not after reading this!

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Give some love to the anus by pressing it with your finger and inserting a finger inside of it. Just make sure your finger is wet or else it could sting. Educate yourself about the vagina before you start exploring. Which you are…. Same thing goes for her. Take these tips and memorize them. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. The Ultimate Guide to Kink.

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How To Blow Her Mind In Bed

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