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Separate the listing of issues from the identification of interests that's the next step! Understand everyone's interests. This is a critical step that is usually missing. Interests are the needs that you want satisfied by any given solution. We often ignore our true interests as we become attached to one particular solution. The best solution is the one that satisfies everyone's interests. This is the time for active listening.

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Put down your differences for awhile and listen to each other with the intention to understand. Separate the naming of interests from the listing of solutions. List the possible solutions options This is the time to do some brainstorming. There may be lots of room for creativity. Separate the listing of options from the evaluation of the options. Evaluate the options. What are the pluses and minuses? Separate the evaluation of options from the selection of options. Select an option or options. What's the best option, in the balance? Is there a way to "bundle" a number of options together for a more satisfactory solution?

Document the agreement s. Don't rely on memory. Writing it down will help you think through all the details and implications. And, consequently, you in the position of the manager can be reassured delegating functions.

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The definition of solutions does not come from the financial part. And for this strategic action you only need one resource: information. They are the data that will be the basis for the growth and development of your company.

Determine trends, standardize processes, watch the competition, analyze the market in general. All of this and many other tasks require clear information. We seek to optimize processes all the time, increase productivity, thereby increasing profits and do all that at an affordable price. The competitiveness grows because of how easy it is to do business nowadays. To be assertive in your solutions, take information as a basis to develop the planning throughout the company.

Have you got any questions? Understand the importance of data collection for entrepreneurship and business management. Did this article help you get clear when choosing the most appropriate solutions for your business? Tell us in the comments. Learn how to propose appropriate solutions for your business It is common to find several sites on the internet offering productivity courses.

Cause-and-effect diagrams, created by Kaoru Ishikawa, are also known as Ishikawa diagrams, fishbone diagrams , or herringbone diagrams because they resemble a fishbone when completed. By organizing causes and effects into smaller categories, these diagrams can be used to examine why things went wrong or might go wrong. The problem statement is usually placed in a box or another shape at the far right of your page.

Draw as many branches as you need to brainstorm the causes that belong in each category. Like all visuals and diagrams, a cause-and-effect diagram can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be to help you analyze operations and other factors to identify causes related to undesired effects.

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You may have superior problem-solving skills, but that does not mean that you have to solve problems alone. The visual strategies above can help you engage the rest of your team. The more involved the team is in the creation of your visual problem-solving narrative, the more willing they will be to take ownership of the process and the more invested they will be in its outcome. In Lucidchart, you can simply share the documents with the team members you want to be involved in the problem-solving process.

Whatever method you decide to use to solve problems, work with Lucidchart to create the documents you need. Sign up for a free account today and start diagramming in minutes. June 11 What is visual problem-solving? For the rest of us, visual problem-solving involves executing the following steps in a visual way: Define the problem.

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Brainstorm solutions. Pick a solution.

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Implement solutions. Review the results. How to make your problem-solving process more visual Words pack a lot of power and are very important to how we communicate on a daily basis. Identify the problem with mind maps So you know there is a problem that needs to be solved. Basic Mind Map Click on image to modify online Mind mapping to solve a problem includes, but is not limited to, these relatively easy steps: In the center of the page, add your main idea or concept in this case, the problem.

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Branch out from the center with possible root causes of the issue. Connect each cause to the central idea. Branch out from each of the subtopics with examples or additional details about the possible cause.