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Many storefronts are tucked into Beaux Arts and Victorian buildings. It has two other major claims to fame: It was once the largest steamboat hub north of St. Louis, and it was the home of President Ulysses S. Grant and eight other Civil War generals.

A block from the Gulf of Mexico side is the chic black-and-white Pearl Hotel.

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The West Indies—meets—Charleston—style colorful storefronts span several blocks to the north, retailing everything from books to baubles. Visit in May for the annual Tulip Time Festival. Located on a peninsula north of Seattle, Port Townsend is known for its many Victorian-style buildings. Its waterfront area, home to the main road, Water Street, was designated a National Historic District in Set in the Ozark Mountains, this Victorian town is known for its winding streets that cater to the hilly terrain.

In fact, there are no traffic lights here as no two streets cross perpendicularly. Like many towns in the mountains out West, Telluride was founded as a mining town in the late 19th century, but it became a major ski destination in the s. Not every town on this list was built during the westward expansion.

Two fur traders purchased the land from the native Wappinger tribe in , and a few decades later, two villages were erected on the site. All those Victorian homes and storefronts might look familiar if you tune into the next season of Big Little Lies. William Clark—half of the famous explorer duo Lewis and Clark—founded this town in General Ulysses S. Grant once occupied the city during the Civil War, establishing Paducah as a main supply center for the Union army. Greek Revival, Colonial, and Federalist storefronts are serious eye candy and reminders of the world-renowned whaling industry that was here during the s.

Shops like Blue Beetle keep everyone outfitted in nautical attire and ensure the home interior is just as fashionable like at Nantucket Looms. The religious persecution of the Mormons had led them to begin their migration westward by this time. The discovery of gold would soon draw thousands more across the country.

This transition from a "wild" western frontier into organized segments of a federal union is documented in photographs. Private citizens and Government officials took the recently developed camera on their western adventures to record nature's curious sights and the marks that they as men and women made on the landscape. It is indeed a wonder that so many photographs have survived the hardships of the western experience, for early negatives were made of large glass plates.

The photographs listed below were selected from the records of these agencies now on deposit in the National Archives. While the records of Federal agencies continue to document changes on the face of western America and the efforts toward effecting some kind of progress, an arbitrary cutoff date of has been used. At that time Arizona, the last of the contiguous 48 United States, was admitted to the Union.

Having arrived at its destiny, the "Wild" West was in a sense officially terminated. The captions in quotation marks are those of the photographer or the person who cared for the photographs before they came into the custody of the National Archives.

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Within quoted captions, bracketed material has been added by the compiler. Information following quoted captions and all captions without quotes has been provided by the compiler. The name of the photographer together with the date of the item is given if available. The listings are arranged by subject--such as transportation, lndian life, military life, and mining--and thereunder chronologically.

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  • Northampton, Massachusetts;
  • Literary Arts;

An index appears at the end of the list. The index is arranged by State, the names of which usually are the same as their former territorial designations. Some entries appear under more than one State; others could not be indexed by State. The back cover of this leaflet explains how to order complete sets of slides of all photographs described in this pamphlet and in the other Select Audiovisual Records leaflets. To order individual prints, negatives, or slides, write to the Still Picture Branch for a current pricelist.

American West Photographs

Many photographs of the American West are not included in this list. Separate inquiries about them should be as specific as possible, including names, dates, places, and other details. The research, selection, and arrangement in preparing this select list was done by Charlotte Palmer, who also wrote these introductory remarks. Bonanzas from the Earth.

Northampton, Massachusetts

Return to list of Select Audiovisual Records leaflets. Top Skip to main content. Corinne, Boxelder Co. By William H. Jackson, Loring had been with the [Wheeler] expedition as general assistant and correspondent, and was returning to the East with a mind stored with rare adventure and scenic wonders. O'Sullivan, Gillem's camp. At the left are two Warm Springs scouts, on the lookout for Modocs.

By O'Sullivan, Hillers at work with his negatives.

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In camp, Aquarius Plateau, Utah Terr. By Hillers, ca. Shoshone Canyon and Falls, Idaho Terr. Hayden's camp of the U. Red Buttes, Wyo. Hayden sits at far end of table in dark jacket; W. Jackson stands at far right. By Jackson. Geological and Geophysical Survey of the Territories , conducted by Hayden, en route with pack train upon the trail between the Yellowstone and East Fork Rivers "showing the manner in which all parties traverse these wilds.

Beaman, Robert B. Payne, under the direction of the U. The train in background awaits the party of Eastern capitalists, newspapermen, and other prominent figures invited by the railroad executives. By John Carbutt, October Near Humboldt River Canyon, Nevada. By Alfred A. George A. Custer, crossing the plains of Dakota Territory. Illingworth, Black Hills expedition. George Crook's expedition into the Black Hills. Morrow, By Morrow, Carter ca. Photograph taken near Mexican border Soldiers guard from atop, ca. Griffiths, September , Encinal, Tex.

His horse refreshes himself nearby. By Stanton G. Smith, April 5, August 9, By Neil M. Judd, August 13, Westgard, November 20, Westgard, July Westgard, October Westgard, Ladies, gentlemen, and children on the lawn at Fort Bridger, Wyo. Officers' quarters at left, hospital and men's barracks to the right in background.


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Frank Wheaton , U. Army [standing center with white plume in hat], with officers and members of their families, Fort Walla Walla, Wash. By Illingworth, , during Custer's Black Hills expedition. Custer and Col. Fort A. Lincoln on the Little Heart River, Dak. Crook's headquarters in the field at Whitewood [Dak. On starvation march Custer's last stand , looking in the direction of the ford and the Indian village. Rawlins, Wyoming , May 7, Used exclusively in the Apache Indian War. Bayard, N. Snelling, Minnesota. Headquarters of the 25th Infantry, ca. Keogh, Mont. Frank Wheaton , U.

Army [standing center with white plume in hat], with officers and members of their families, Fort Walla Walla, Wash. By Illingworth, , during Custer's Black Hills expedition.

Custer and Col. Fort A. Lincoln on the Little Heart River, Dak. Crook's headquarters in the field at Whitewood [Dak. On starvation march Custer's last stand , looking in the direction of the ford and the Indian village. Bayard, N.