So, You Want to Write and Sell Your Book?

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You need to research the best 2 categories and 7 keywords. Of all the ways to promote authors and books, listing it in the best place is far more effective than any other form of book promotion.

Getting known is vital, so use social media or your email list to build your name recognition. Build a professional image of yourself by using personal accounts for chatting with your friends and family. You want to sell books not inform people about cupcakes. Build quality Twitter and Facebook Page followings on separate author accounts and concentrate on improving your reputation as a writer and try to become an authority in your genre or subjects and themes you write about.

It takes a long time to build your author reputation and to write enough books to be noticed. If you are expecting instant success through self-publishing, I would suggest trying something else. There are almost no overnight success stories anymore, so be prepared to be in publishing for the long haul. I doubt you will sell a single copy. Why would anyone pay that amount for 50 recipes when they can get millions of recipes for free on the Internet? You have to offer your book at a realistic price, and offer real value to your potential readers.

You need a great product at a competitive price. Business Guide your followers towards you, your books and your blog and or website. There are lots of ways you can promote your book.

How to Write a Book Step by Step: Essentials for a Good Book [Video]

This will only serve to drive potential book buyers away from you, not towards you. There are many ways to waste a lot of money when it comes to self-publishing and marketing books and ebooks. Yes, you will have to invest as in any business, but be very wary. Avoid vanity publishers in particular.

The Writing Cooperative

They offer nothing for an awful lot of money. However, you will need to invest a little money in quality book covers, perhaps a professional proofreader, or an editor if your budget allows. Also, while you can find many free ways to promote your books, a small investment in book promotion that can extend beyond your social reach can often be well worthwhile. With each book you write, you will improve. So if you truly want to be a writer who will be noticed, keep writing, improving and learning.

I really appreciate seeing the book publishing statistics in this article. As a new author, it really points out the need to differentiate my book from others in the genre. Over time, I have come to appreciate that my novel, Zombie Complex, is different from others in the zombie genre.

While The Walking Dead is killing off characters and putting their heads on pikes, my book offers an epic fight for survival with sense of humor and insight into society. Now, the challenge is to make those differences known to potential readers. As authors, we all have to sell what is special about our unique books.

I wrote a book and I written many of them that am looking for who will buy them, please help me and connected me to who will buy them, thanks. Pay special attention to, and make notes about, those who demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for you and your project. As the project evolves, keep in touch with these people. You might send them an occasional email, or keep in touch via a social networking site like LinkedIn or FaceBook.

For significant milestones--the signing of your book contract, the completion of the manuscript, the arrival of the galley proofs, and the arrival of the finished books--you might bring key people together for a house party. At the house party, you could read short excerpts from your book and answer questions about the project. Every field has at least one or two forums that people interested in your subject know and read. Find and join these forums. Contribute to them freely. Give advice and reach out.

Offer to help others. Put a link to your blog or website in your signature line. Early in the process of researching and thinking about your book, start a blog. Add words each day of helpful, inspirational information on issues in your field, which are related to the subjects in your book.

So You Want to Write?

Aim to create a genuinely useful body of knowledge over the following 12 months. Set out to write a remarkable book. If your book is not remarkable, keep working on it until it is. Give the manuscript to ten friends and ask for honest feedback.

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Find a brilliant editor you can find such an editor at EFA and pay him or her to edit your manuscript. A remarkable book will generate word-of-mouth publicity. One person will read it, and recommend it to his or her friends. They will recommend it to their friends. This is the best publicity you can get. Think of book promotion as storytelling. The story you are telling is why you wrote your book, how it can help others, and how the world will benefit from your book. If you can develop a positive attitude about book promotion, people will pick up on it, and tune in immediately.

Some writers resent the chore of marketing.

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  5. Their attitude seems to be, "I'm a writer. Marketing is the publisher's job. Promoting my own book shouldn't be my responsibility. Unfortunately--unless you are Stephen King or Malcolm Gladwell--the publisher probably won't have the budget to market your book. If you don't promote your book, no one else will. Do not try to print them on your home printer.

    This is a time to invest in your product and yourself, not save money. It should be well lit, with a neutral background. Your eyes should sparkle. The main purpose of the biography is to tell a reader why you are uniquely qualified to have written this particular book. Be sure to include a few short blurbs and recommendations from colleagues and friends in the description.

    Consider writing at least three sales pitches for your book: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. When someone asks what the book is about, give them the 10 second pitch. If the person responds with interest, have a longer pitch ready! This book blog may become the basis for the second edition of your book. Six months nine if possible before the book is due to appear in book stores, start asking people for reviews and blurbs.

    Send reviewers a printed galley proof of your book. If you don't yet have printed galley proofs, send a PDF containing the first two chapters, a table of contents and your bio.

    How to get a book published

    Don't be afraid to approach the 'biggest names' in your field. This is important. Ask for both reviews and blurbs. Busy people may only have time to write a few sentences.


    A word about PDFs: check with your publisher about their policies on review copies. They are afraid the book will be stolen. Every field has eZines, websites and magazines that advocate or deal with the subject of your book. Find them. Once you know where they are, look through them and figure out which ones talk to the audience for your book. Contact those sites or publications and pitch articles that will be of interest to their readers. Schedule articles to appear around the time your book will appear in bookstores and on Amazon.

    For example, if your book is going to appear in bookstores and on Amazon in mid-June, schedule your articles to appear in July, August, and September. Remember to pitch articles early, because many magazines and eZines have a month lead time. Mention your book title somewhere in the article. In online articles, link the book title to its Amazon page so readers can click over and buy the book. Ask websites, eZines and magazines in your field to review your book.

    Some websites or eZines may offer to trade, to review your book if you write an article for them. For example, earlier this year I contacted Writers Store and offered to write an article about what I learned while promoting my most recent books: Producing With Passion and Digital Video Secrets.