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If you are considering taking a moral stance as a pure sales tactic, think twice.

What Does Your Brand Stand For? | Shared Value Initiative

Companies seen as looking to capitalize on political trends can suffer. By speaking out on controversial issues, you will get more attention. That may be a good thing. But understand that same spotlight also means more scrutiny.

Branding Basics: Making Your Business Stand Out

Prepare to follow through; back it up and walk the talk. If you are considering taking a moral stance as a pure sales tactic, think twice Click To Tweet. This study says 81 percent of Americans believe corporations should take action to address important issues facing society, and 88 percent believe corporations have the power to influence social change. Ultimately, you should take a stance if the issue is close to your heart and makes sense for your business.

What to Consider Before Your Brand Takes a Stand Politically

You may alienate some, but if speaking up brings you closer to your mission, that should be okay in the long term. Ultimately, being aligned and vocal on a social issue can help you define and strengthen your true self and connect more deeply with your core audience. Stern Strategy Insights. All Social Media. PR Pro Vs.

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Know your risk. Pride has become a prime example of the woke washing trend.

Look for Alignment

If brands are going to plant their flag behind a cause they have to take serious steps to support that cause, and sometimes it's better just to refrain from picking a side. When a brand is choosing a side on a political issue, they are ultimately choosing to alienate 50 percent of the population that is on the other side of the issue.

  1. Brand Reputation: Risks and Rewards of Taking a Stand.
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Global, billion-dollar companies like Nike may be able to take the negative attention that comes from something like their Colin Kapernick campaign, but it is important to remember that they are an outlier. By choosing not to engage in political debates brands may lose out on a small amount of media attention or support from a very vocal subset of people, but they also avoid the backlash that is bound to come from the other side of the debate.

Times change, and what is popular today may be extremely unpopular next year. The politics of 50 years ago are clearly not those of today, and there is no telling what politics will be like fifty years from now. Brands who hinge their identities on politics risk looking like hypocrites years from now when they inevitably change their positions on certain political discussions based on leadership, popular opinion and more.

Staying out of hot-button issues allows brands to maintain a consistent presence and message for years to come. Woke Washing Consumers are more conscious and demand more transparency than they ever have in the past.