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Forest reserves amount to hectares or just under 14 percent of the total watershed area. Since the early s the Forestry Department, with the assistance of international agencies and the GOJ, has embarked on new paths for development.

Center for International Forestry Research

The Forest Act, enacted in , promulgates the appointment of "a forest management committee for the whole or any part of a forest reserve, forest management area or protected area" and lists the functions of such a committee:. In , two Rural Sociologists - one from the TFT Project and one from the Forestry Department, two Extensionists, and FD field officers began an intense programme of community outreach activities in the pilot area.

It included presentations about forests and the environment, farmer training days, development of agroforestry demonstration plots, and school programmes.

The FD's private planting programme, which provides free timber tree seedlings and technical advice as incentives to landowners and farmers to plant trees on their property, was the central component of the outreach programme. The work was guided by an internal position paper Forestry Department , prepared following discussions with national and parish-level agencies and organisations, feedback received by the FD field staff from area residents and farmers, and guidelines provided in the Forest Act, Since the Buff Bay and the Pencar valleys of the watershed are geographically separate the position paper proposed that separate committees be formed for each sub-watershed.

Issues identified for discussion included:.

Considerable interest was expressed by individuals and representatives from local organisations at both meetings and resulted in an endorsement for the establishment of a LFMC for each sub-watershed. A joint meeting of stakeholders from the two areas, to which government agencies with an interest in watershed management were also invited, was held in October At the second meetings of the two committees in November , officers were elected and rules of procedures were established.

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The FD's position paper on the establishment of LFMCs proposed there be no limit on the number of persons serving on the committees and that membership be open to all community groups, organisations, NGOs and private sector entities present in the Buff Bay and Pencar sub-watersheds. At the initial meetings, the groups decided on a structure like that of other community based organisations with which they were familiar.

The FD's legal officer prepared draft constitutions that LFMC members reviewed, finalised and adopted during meetings in early The position paper also proposed that, in the early stages, the FD serve as the Secretariat for the committees and provide the necessary technical advice and support to assist the committees in their functions. Membership in the LFMC remains relatively stable although attendance levels at meetings fluctuates.

A recent review Geoghegan and Bennett of Jamaica's experience with LFMCs noted that the meetings have demonstrated the interest of local people in obtaining harvesting licences for timber in the forest reserves, involvement with reforestation and serving as honorary forest wardens. The FD's private planting programme has been identified by local people and the FD field staff as being very effective in increasing local environmental awareness and benefiting farmers.

Forestry Law – Pilot Law LLP

The private planting programme is also seen by the FD as an incentive to promote further involvement in forest related activities and participation in local forest management. Input by the LFMC into local forest management is primarily through the forest management plan for watershed.

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  • The two most important roles initially proposed for a LFMC was to provide assistance relating to the development of, and to monitor the implementation of such a plan. It became clear that the draft forest management plan, which includes complex analyses and recommendations for prescribed land use, is too technical for most non-foresters. A decision was subsequently taken by the FD to prepare a simplified or "popular" version of the plan to facilitate participation by LFMC members in implementation.

    Community groups will remain active and hold together as long as there is something on the agenda for them to focus on.

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    In the absence of a local management plan, the FD and LFMCs looked at ways for local communities to benefit from their involvement in forest management. Working with communities has not been a part of traditional forestry activities in Jamaica and foresters were not trained in this practice. In addition, the success of the extension programme and of the LFMC initiative has resulted in most senior staff accepting the need for more participatory approaches.

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    Forestry Fire Pilot (1046)

    There is a growing recognition that corrupted licenses given to plantation firms in Indonesia are among the main underlying causes of Indonesia's deforestation , which has one of the highest rates in the world, belying the country's status as a top greenhouse gas emitter. Forest fires are also common to clear peatlands and regularly cause haze crises in the country.

    Two years ago, Indonesia became the first country to ensure that all its timber exports are verified as legally produced through a specific license. This is now an EU requirement for all timber imports from Indonesia - from construction timbers through to furniture and paper. Despite this, falsified licenses are an established corruption risk , and examples of common corruption schemes include falsified origin of logs being cut in protected forests, invalid Environmental Impact Assessments EIAs , or falsified numbers of logs or size of the area authorized for plantations.