The Making Of The Guns Of Navarone (The Magnificent 60s)

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Lee Marvin plays the Major who oversees the suicide mission to take out a heavily guarded French chateau filled with the top Nazi brass.

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His dirty dozen includes a mobster psychopath John Casssavettes , a Bible-thumping rapist Telly Savalas , a dim-witted murderer Donald Sutherland , an African-American man convicted for killing a white man in self-defense football star Jim Brown , and a soldier sentenced for murdering a medic Charles Bronson , among others. But many critics were completely perplexed by, if not apoplectic about, its extreme violence.

The film began in , when the screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, while scouting locations for another film, was shown the memorial to Stauffenberg at the Bendlerblock complex in Berlin.

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Unfortunately, the bomb, which killed four people in the room, did not hurt Hitler. Within a day, the top conspirators were rounded up and executed in front of the military headquarters at Bendlerblock, the same place where McQuarrie saw the monument to Stauffenberg. In the next few months, Hitler demanded the Gestapo round up anyone remotely connected to the conspiracy, a witch hunt that resulted in more than 7, people being arrested, and 4, executed.

McQuarrie originally saw the film as a small, but complex drama of bravery among characters normally consider the enemy. Singer signed on Tom Cruise not only to produce, but also to star, especially since there is an uncanny resemblance between Stauffenberg and the actor. If the filmmakers had anxiety about getting an American audience to connect to a war story with German heroes, they soon found that the German government was equally nervous about Americans telling this tale.

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But even after the Germans got on board, the filmmakers still had to sell their historical tale to American audiences. In marketing the film, United Artists turned away from selling it solely as a Tom Cruise movie and opted instead to showcase the impossible mission aspect of the film. For his war saga, Inglourious Basterds , Quentin Tarantino originally was drawn to the rough-and-ready commando films of the 60s and 70s. But as Tarantino started exploring his characters and ideas more fully, he became enamored of an earlier genre of films dealing with resistance fighters.

Their house is divided into two.

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  • Down stairs lives Orsa and Nikos, up stairs lives Moscha and Spyros, not a good recipe for their happiness! While sightseeing on the Acropolis, Chester and Colette meet the Greek-speaking tour guide, Rydal, who is scamming tourists, and Rydal accepts their invitation to dinner.

    Ouzeri Tsitsanis: Greece. German officers, Greek collaborators, black marketers, and undercover resistance fighters, mingle together in this story of betrayal, love and treachery. While on a trip to Izmir, with the curator of a renowned Athens museum, Dimitris is looking for objects for his exhibition about the Culture of Nationalities who lived together in Izmir before the genocide.

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    In an antique shop in Izmir, Dimitris comes across an old photograph, a wedding dress soiled with blood and a letter. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

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    Did you know? Ermoupolis — Syros — Greece.

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    In chronological order:. Director J. The Spartans.

    The Guns of Navarone at Bradford Widescreen Weekend

    Aristotle Onassis Greek Tycoon. Pauline Collins as Shirley Valentine. Andros island, Greece. Skopelos Island Greece.


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